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Revell 1:39 Scale Battlestar Galactica Model Kit

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139 Scale Battlestar Galactica Model
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139 Scale Battlestar Galactica Model will probably be your kids most desirable brand-new hero toy doll. A listing of feature characteristics include multipart pods, multipart bow section, display stand and 24 separate anti-aircraft guns. The toy has got a weight of 1.06 lbs. Should you need a good deal for this toy, check out our store link below.

ASIN: B0094ESZ64

A Battlestar is a Colonial super battleship that combines the capabilities of an aircraft carrier with those of a warship. Before the attack the Galactica was a member of Battlestar Group 75 - BSG-75, but appropriate after that undertook the protection from the last survivors of the Twelve Colonies for the duration of their flight towards the distant legendary 13th colony. The Galactica which is about 50 years old and over 1400 m long, as the final of her type in service with the Colonial Fleet is about to be decommissioned when the Cylons launch an additional attack 40 years correct after the first attack on the twelve colonies. The Galactica is amongst the 1st twelve of these Battlestars, which had been built at the beginning in the first Cylon War, each a single representing one of the twelve colonies. Along with the significantly far a lot more present day Pegasus the Galactica survived the fall of the twelve colonies, the destruction with the fleet as well as the other 120 Battlestars.


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