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Battlestar Viper Mkvii

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Battlestar Viper Mkvii


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Battlestar Viper Mkvii made by Moebius Model has to be your kids ultimate brand new superhero doll. Among the key features for this toy is the are you ready for a cylon attack? colonial fighter from the hit sci-fi tv show battlestar galactica. The Battlestar Galactica toy is 3.4" Height x 13" Length x 7.2" Width. It weighs roughly 2.9 lbs. Searching for Battlestar Viper Mkvii , click on the weblink below.

ASIN: B004G7N5A0

Capable of atmospheric flight, the Mark VII could be the front-line variant from the Viper design, retaining the Mark II's general layout but adding fully integrated avionics that provide superior battle management and flight information for the pilot. Ironically, it is this incorporation of new integrated systems that prevents the majority of Mark VIIs from being efficient in the course of the Cylon attack: as with the majority of Colonial Fleet, the Mark VIIs suffer fatal personal computer system failures on get in touch with with Cylon forces. Full color decals, landing gear, pilot figure, and display stand included. This all-plastic assembly kit needs glue and paint for finishing and is compatible, at 1/32nd-scale, with prior BSG kit releases.


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