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Bif Bang Pow! - Battlestar Galactica Bobble-head Commander Adama 18 Cm

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Bif Bang Pow

Bif Bang Pow!

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Bif Bang Pow by Bif Bang Pow! is a really a lot of fun and popular action figure toy. The UPC for this is 814826013256. The toy weighs something like 1 lbs. Should you need a good deal on this Battlestar Galactica toy for your child, check out the shopping cart add to cart button below.


Bif Bang Pow! Sculpted inside the image of actor Lorne Greene, Galactica's commanding officer as nicely because the spiritual leader inside the surviving colonists stands with microphone in hand in his blue and silver attire, ready to bobble to your heart's content on your desk or display shelf. and their adversaries! In 7-inch scale, each bobbler spotlights a important character from the show, be they gallant hero or malevolent villain. Order Commander Adama now and collect the whole Galactica crew. presents an exciting array of resin bobble heads inspired by the ever-popular sci-fi Television series Battlestar Galactica.


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