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Shadows Over Camelot

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Shadows Over Camelot

Days of Wonder

Author: Days of Wonder
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Fun times to play super heroes with the Shadows Over Camelot . I certainly loved that the toy has the feature of an unique collaborative game featuring a malevolent twist. Additional features include great for game nights, takes 60-90 minutes to pay and takes 60-90 minutes to play. 9780975277386 is the bar code for this toy. The toy dimensions are 3"H x 11.75"L x 11.75"W. Getting a Shadows Over Camelot . To get the same discount I came across, click on the market button below.

ASIN: 0975277383

A lone swallow flies across the grey skies of Cornwall. Yet too much suspicion will undermine the knight's efforts to protect the kingdom. The Black Knight was sighted atop a desolate ridge; a scheming Morgan plots her revenge; the Saxon troops are on the move; and acres of timber are being felled for the siege engines. These are dangerous times indeed. These are heavy times indeed. Will you, young squire, come forth and pledge allegiance to your fellow Knights from the Round Table' In your heart of pure intent and ready to sacrifice for the fairly good of all' Or will the dark promise of power seduce you into treason' Shadows Over Camelot is really a distinctive collaborative game featuring a malevolent twist. Many memorable game nights await in this Days of Wonder game. The game is for 3 to 7 players and takes about 60-90 minutes to play. The forces of evil are gathering around Camelot. And yet Lancelot has all but vanished, with Excalibur yet to be recovered. But beware, players ought to be vigilant for a traitor in their midst who is biding his time-secretly sowing the seeds of havoc and destruction. As the incarnation of the Knights of the Round Table, players work together to defeat the forces closing in on Camelot.


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