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Titanium Series Battlestar Galactica 3 Inch Vehicle Galactica

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Titanium Series Battlestar Galactica


Marvelous hero Titanium Series Battlestar . Just one of the characteristics is the based on the vehicle seen on the hit television series. Additional features include things like for ages 4+ years. To learn more about this Battlestar Galactica toy, click on our partners via the link.


This patched-up yet proud Colonial Military starship has the unique distinction of becoming humanity's final battlestar. It's doubtful that there is 1 more ship anywhere in Colonial Space with much far more heart and soul than this battle-worn behemoth. Vehicle has an opening hangar bay and comes with display stand. The ship is centered on its Combat Information Center (CIC) , where its commanders can launch offensive and defensive assaults with precision. In the 50+ years of the Cylon War, the Battlestar Galactica has seen it all and endured hundreds of conflicts. Launch into action with this amazingly detailed die-cast metal vehicle.


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